“This could wipe out piracy”

May 11th, 2009 by filmarc. Tags: Film Arc, Games, OnLive, Sean Kauppinen | Loading comments

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sean-kauppinenSean Kauppinen, International Digital Entertainment Agency - IDEA, on what is happening right now in the international gaming industry.

- There's a lot going on everywhere and the media industries are evolving at a very fast pace.

I think we'll see massive changes in the way everything is done over the next several years as operating models are broken into their essential parts and rebuilt into faster, more efficient platforms that benefit everyone more creatively and commercially.

- The biggest things going on right now are OnLive which will make it possible for people with low-end PCs to play games since the game is processed on the server side and basically a movies is streamed back to the player. This could wipe out piracy.

Sean also says that the other trends are co-production of games as studios get smaller teams and publisher becomes more like the banks financing projects. Self-publishing (developers selling and marketing their own games), and online gaming models where people pay for time to access games, or items that make it more fun to play, are also becoming more prevalent with huge growth.

Finally Sean raps up the interview with some words about the Film Arc:

- The opportunity to be a part of the Film Arc program, share knowledge and build relationships with the participants, are things that I remember fondly and hold as the high point of what can be accomplished in a short period of time when people look to work together and cooperate. There are a lot of incredibly talented, creative and passionate people that participated whom I now consider friends, and I look forward to catching up with everyone soon to see how we've all changed and grown as a result of knowing one another through Film Arc.

You can read more about the market data that on Sean Kauppinens blog: www.iesherpa.blogspot.com.

Text: Sarah Arildsson/Sean Kauppinen