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FilmArc 2.0 serves as a partner to the audio-visual industries in northern Finland, northern Sweden and northern Norway.

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Masterclass in Luleå

Feb 14th, 2014| Loading comments

The main focus in this MasterClass is to present inspiring examples of production companies, producers, filmmakers, commercial companies and experts, in how to find/meet an international market, financing and co-operate international.

In the programme it will be inspiring examples from our own region (The FilmArc Region) and from other parts of Scandinavia.

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GameDev 2014 February 25:th

Feb 7th, 2014| Loading comments

This is the third time GameDev Conference is arranged and we think it is the most exciting so far! GameDev 2014 will bring together game developers in northern Sweden, Finland and Norway to socialize, exchange information, listen to interesting lectures and discuss the next step in the development of new innovative games.

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Services of FilmArc

For Companies in the Film Arc region

If you want to meet new partners in the region, get education, expert help and get out on the international market we can help you.

For Individuals in the Film Arc region

If you want to go to a course or travel to make new partners internationally we can help you.

For Third Parties

Film Arc has people located in northern Finland, northern Sweden and northern Norway who can help you find talent and partners in the region.